Wednesday, August 8, 2007






Judy's Tree

I Am From Trees



Her Voice Waited in the Silence

She Spoke to Animals

La Familia

A variation on the traditional family tree, this painting represents each family-member either as their favorite bird or one that captures their spirit. I enjoy illustrating light-hearted interpretations of the connection between animals and people as a way to portray the playfulness often present in that relationship.

I use animals, trees, and faces as my subject matter and explore color and texturizing methods as I paint. When not painting, I can be found searching for materials and inspirational supplies to create mixed-media sculptures. As a salvager, I see potential in all kinds of discarded shapes and misfit objects, often finding myself bringing them home to realize their destiny in future artwork. Items collected from junkyards, flea markets and factories hold the potential to be transformed into figures, lamps and wall compositions. This recycled work — as well as my paintings — can be viewed at Commissions encouraged. Call for prices.

Leaving the Park


2 Cats One Conversation

Saving the Bird from Gidget